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Box carrier
Confectionery and pizza carton transport case   

box carrier
box carrier 1.jpg
box carrier 2.jpg

 It is a new way of transporting confectionery and pizza boxes with several advantages and not a carry bag.

1. Engages the carton at 2 opposite corners and can carry weight up to 2,5 kg.

2.Balance  the box and holds it horizontally so it does not tilt, which is especially important for sweet cakes and materials that spoil their shape in lateral transport.

3. Does not retain water vapor in the case of a pizza such as a carry plastic  bag and so pizza does not softens from water vapor and  the customer has no reason to avoid taking away.

4. It is 100% recyclable and uses 1/2 plastic material from a normal plastic carry bag so it helps to protect the environment.

5. It is not subject to recycling fee because it is not a bag.


There are 3 sizes:

 Box Carrier Mini: For side boxes of 20-25 cm

 Box Carrier 1: For side boxes 25-35 cm

 Box Carrier 2: For side boxes 35-45 cm

box carrier 2.jpg
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